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Production Media List

We've tried and tested a huge portfolio of productionmedias to bring you a quality range designed for optimum results over a variety of applications.

Whether you need to produce roll up banners, backlit displays or adhesive tearproof posters, you'll find the perfect materials for the job listed below...


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180mic Matt Poly Poster

For poster production, is light weight & tear proof
180PP91430 - 914mm (36") x 30m
180PP106730 - 1067mm (42") x 30m
180PP152430 - 1524mm (60") x 30m


180mic Self Adhesive Matt Poly Poster

As above, with a self adhesive backing
180PSA91430 - 914mm (36") x 30m
180PSA106730 - 1067mm (42") x 30m
180PSA152430 - 1524mm (60") x 30m


200mic Backlit Film

For backlit signs & graphics and point of sale displays
200BF91430 - 914mm (36") x 30m
200BF106730 - 1067mm (42") x 30m
200BF152430 - 1524mm (60") x 30m


120gsm Blueback Paper

For billboard advertisement displays
120BB91450 - 914mm (36") x 50m
120BB106750 - 1067mm (42") x 50m
120BB137250 - 1372mm (54") x 50m


240mic Matt Roll Up Film

For exhibition display roll up stands
240RU91430 - 914mm (36") x 30m
240RU106730 - 1067mm (42") x 30m
240RU127030 - 1270mm (50") x 30m
240RU152430 - 1524mm (60") x 30m


350mic Matt Pop Up Film

For exhibition display pop up stands
350PU91420 - 914mm (36") x 20m
350PU106720 - 1067mm (42") x 20m
350PU127020 - 1270mm (50") x 20m